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2017 August Whip

regional report

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2017 August Whip


The MidAtlantic driving season is in full swing. Events are popping up everywhere and most can be found on the region’s Google calendar, viewable from the ADS website as well as the region’s Facebook page via the Pinned Post.


Though I try to attend some of these events, life often gets in the way. Not being a competitor, my focus often falls on keeping the region updated on as many ADS and non-ADS events as I can find by scanning club newsletters and snippets from the various carriage-related Facebook pages. When I locate something I think my region will find interesting, I post it on the region’s Facebook page. Items vary from silly memes, competition results when someone sends me the information, uploaded Files on pertinent information such as event registration forms, articles saved from other sources, safety notes, regional clinicians, and anything else I come across while online. For competition dates and other time-sensitive items, I create an Event on the MidAtlantic Facebook page as well as upload it to the Google calendar. All this can take considerable time and energy, and I do hope those accessing it find the information helpful. Whenever possible, I include points-of-contact or direct questions or concerns to the appropriate individual. From time to time I send out a Regional Newsletter via email that connects with those who may prefer to limit their online activities.


Currently, as ADS Recreational Driving Chair, my focus is on the ADS Trail Guide, whose updating was discussed in the February Whip. This activity is proving to be considerably more challenging than anticipated, and may not be completed by the end of 2017…my original goal for completion. Please contact me if you have any knowledge of trails in your area, or if you wish to assist with the Trail Guide updates. MARD, the Mid Atlantic Recreational Drive is also coming up in October. You can find details in the Omnibus, on Facebook via its own page, or by contacting me directly. Always a good time! Registrations open August 1 and close two weeks before the event itself.


In other matters, Brandywine Valley Driving Club once again sponsored a Junior Driving Program in PA. This was the second year for this event and it has been very well-received. Here’s a snippet from their flyer:


“Last year's popular and successful JUNIOR DRIVING PROGRAM will be the model for the 2017 program. It will be held at the same location as last year. Experienced, reliable ponies will be provided, as well as suitable harness and carriages. Several top competitors, trainers and judges will share the instruction, which will include learning to harness, driving at a working walk and trot, halt, use of whip, reinback and emergency measures. Emphasis will be on safety. We are looking for 8 girls and boys, ages 11 to 14, who have some previous equine experience to participate in the 5-day program.”


Both the ADS and the CAA are supporting this worthwhile endeavor and its importance to the future of driving.


FUN FUN FUN! This year’s ADS Annual Meeting is being held in conjunction with The National Drive at the Kentucky Horse Park  October 10th - 16th. I have been to this drive five times in the past and it is always a fun recreational event. I already have my RV reservation, though I am not bringing my pair this time around. As a BOD member, participating in the many informative and sometimes required meetings leaves less time for driving. However, even without my horses in attendance the opportunity for learning and socializing is hard to beat. If you want your voice to be heard, or you are just looking for a low-key fun time don’t miss this opportunity! Come join us!


Despite the weather-related cancellation by Morven Park of one leg of the Old Dominion ADT Challenge, the remaining Toad Hollow and James River portions went well. Both events were filled-to-capacity and well-managed. ADTs are a popular driving activity, since they are less expensive than a full CDE and more accessible to many. The region’s full CDE’s are also going strong, with Gladstone, Garden State and Elk Creek all underway or completed. Remember, all results of these activities can be found on Mike Arnold’s Driving News available on the web at


Remember….what can ADS do for you? 

Answer: a LOT……but not without your continued, and appreciated, support! 

ADS…where would the sport of carriage driving be in this country without it?

Something to think about….

Check (and/or renew) your membership today!

Happy Driving!



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