United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and The American Driving Society (ADS) Reach Preliminary Agreement to Reinstate ADS as the USEF Driving Affiliate

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Cross Plains, WI & Lexington, KY - The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and The American Driving Society, Inc. (ADS) have reached a preliminary agreement that resolves the issues pertinent to enabling the restoration of the ADS as the USEF affiliate for the driving discipline. The leadership of both organizations are delighted that progress could be made and that it will be possible to continue their 40+ year relationship to the benefit of all of our driving competitors, officials, competitions, and the driving sport, and to be able to consider the driving affiliate matter to be settled.

Murray Kessler, President of the USEF, and Mike Arnold, President of ADS, jointly issued the following statement: “Together, the USEF and ADS look forward to utilizing the best of both organizations to further enhance the quality and participation in the driving sport throughout this country and abroad, while at the same time implementing the Safe Sport and Clean Sport policies that are critical to the future of equestrian sports.”

Details of the agreement, along with the restoration of the Affiliate Status of the ADS, which are subject to the approval of both the ADS and USEF Boards of Directors, are expected to be released within the next few weeks.

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January Whip 2017

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The holidays are upon us and I once again find myself searching the internet for relevant news regarding activities within the midatlantic region. This time, I will be passing along information from specific clubs who responded to my plea for submission articles. Some clubs are very good at sending me their newsletters…others, well…there is room for improvement.

Therefore, this report will be somewhat smaller in scope.

From Delmarva Driving Club’s Linda Thomas:

Every two years, Georgetown, Delaware hosts Return Day.  This unique festival is held on the Thursday following Election Day in November.  The event began in colonial days, when the public would congregate in Georgetown (the Sussex County Seat) two days after the election to hear the results (because it would take that long to deliver the results to the courthouse by horseback from the state capital in Dover, Delaware).  The festivities include a concert, an ox roast in the town circle, competitions, and a parade of the winning and losing candidates from both parties.
The candidates ride in horse drawn carriages or antique cars around the town circle, followed by the ceremonial “burying of the hatchet” – where the Sussex County chairmen of the Democratic and Republican parties meet on stage, clutch the hatchet and together plunge it into a box of sand from Lewes – that signifies the end of the competition. Then town crier reads the results of the statewide and Sussex County elections during the ceremony.
This year there were 17 carriages involved in the parade and several members from the Delmarva Driving Club participated in this one-of-a-kind event. The Nutter Marvel Carriage Museum, located in Georgetown, was the staging area for the carriages.  This museum houses a wonderful collection of antique carriages, featuring such pieces as a Disney carriage, wagons and delivery vehicles of all kinds.  Several of the museum carriages were polished and pulled out of the barns to be enjoyed by parade spectators.  DDC Carriage Drivers included: both Frances and Wayne Baker, Deb Dawkins, Michele Novack, Linda Thomas, Donna Hurst, and Stan Vonasek. Providing excellent support were club members: Kim Baklarz, Tammy Carpenter, Phoebe Drury, Sherry Harris, Michael Lawrence, George Parris, Grace Poe, and Carol Seiler. And special thanks to Terry Johnson for all his behind the scenes work with the museum carriages!

Some Upcoming DDC Events:
Nutter Museum Luncheon and Carriage Tour - January - TBD
The Nutter Museum, Georgetown Historical Society have graciously
invited the members of the Delmarva Driving Club to enjoy a light lunch and tour the museum.

Harness and Safety Talk by George Parris (Open to the Public) Feb 4 2017 (Super Bowl weekend) Location TBD– Looking for a sheltered indoor!

Anniversary of Furnace Town and joint Delmarva Driving Club Drive in April of 2017 (Point of Contact: Diane Savage– 410-641-1837)

DDC Spring Pleasure Show May 13 (Point of Contact: Pao Lin Hatch 240-274-6180
Casual Pleasure Drives at various local parks like Redden and Fair Hill

DDC website: Click here

From Brandywine Valley’s Newsletter:

More than 25 people attended New Bolton Center’s Semi-Feral Pony Herd  Talk & Tour by Dr.Sue McDonnell on a beautiful sunny, warm day in November. Dr. McDonnell has been involved with this New Bolton research project for many years and has a wealth of knowledge about their research findings which she shared with us.
This is a very unique and heart-warming experience as expressed by Zana White: “The ponies
followed us and wound through the group! It was so difficult to not touch them when all you wanted to do is take them all home!” Many thanks to Leslie Bottaro for organizing this activity for the club!
A total of five turnouts braved the wind and cold to have fun driving at Manderley Farm on Nov.
20th.  There was a cones course which, though small, proved challenging, a hazard of barrels, and a 2K course.  No pressure - a very relaxed day!  The location was central to our club’s geography and very beautiful!  

BVDC website:

From James River Driving Association’s Newsletter:

Guest Linda Loving reported on the funding drive to raise $375,000 TO PUT TOWARDS BUILDING A NEW BARN FOR THE Richmond City Police horses. The horses currently live in a concrete block barn with gravel paddocks underneath the Belvidere Bridge in Richmond. Linda discussed the historical presence of the Richmond Police horses, their positive effect on the police force’s interactions with citizens, and the ability of the horse to go places that police cruisers cannot.
Linda proposed that JRDA members join the Mounted Police force for a fund raising event that will be put out to the media, hopefully to bring attention to the fund drive and to the driving club, which she noted had very few spectators at least year’s Church Hill Drive.
CALENDAR PHOTOS CHOSEN: Photos were presented for the calendar project being headed up by Sarah Vogeley. Members present voted on their favorites and the votes tallied. Sarah will put together the calendar (a wall-hanging style was chosen) and obtain a price range. From members present it was estimated that at least 50 calendars would be sold.
JRDA is also looking to replace their PA system, since their current one is under the weather and may be deemed terminal.

JRDA website: Click Here

At the time of this writing these were the only clubs reporting in. On another note, I continue to wait patiently for the completion of the Trail Guide online submission form to be available.  With any luck, it may be done by the time you are reading this. Once completed, my committee and I can go about the task of reviewing past submissions for accuracy and any needed updates as well as requesting new submissions for review from the current driving community.

Remember….what can ADS do for you?
Answer: a LOT……but not without your continued, and appreciated, support!
ADS…where would the sport of carriage driving be in this country without it?
Something to think about….
Check (and/or renew) your membership today!

Happy Driving!



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