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The ADS Learner Application Process

Your Application:

Each application, with the correct fee of $30 per category, must be sent to the ADS office. It is not appropriate to send applications directly to members of the ADS Licensed Officials Committee (LOC).

Your application should contain:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The category of license requested (one application per category).
  • The ADS form that documents your completion of required criteria including: 

    1. Name, date, and location.
    2. Officials
    3. Documentation as required (number of hours, size of competition, etc.)

Promises to complete required criteria in the future are not acceptable. All required documentation must be attached to the application. It is your duty to assure that the application is complete and that the required documentation is attached. The ADS office cannot supply documentation for you. If recommendations or evaluations are required, they should be sent directly to the ADS with reference to your application. Incomplete applications will be returned to you without being considered by the LOC. You may resubmit the completed application with an additional $10 handling fee.

Your application should tell the ADS LOC about yourself and your driving experience in the category you have requested. The application must demonstrate (and document) the specific compliance with EACH seperate required criterion as defined in the ADS Competition Guidelines within five years of your application.

However, supplemental horse and/or driving experience or training is timeless and a great addition to your application. The application should demonstrate your ability as a potential official to comply with the ADS Rules and Competition Guidelines in an organized and complete manner.

The Application Approval Process:

The ADS LOC meets several times each year to consider complete applications that have been received by the ADS office before the required submission date. Check with the ADS office for application due dates.

How to Complete your Learner and Recorded Training:

The ADS does not have a formal Learner or officials training "school." Rather, you are "on your own" to meet the criteria. For example, for promotion to "recorded" judge ("r"), candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. A defined number of experiences as a Learner official (some reduction for competition experience may be permitted) at both small and large ADS competitions in two or more ADS regions.
  2. Clinic attendance with successful competition of the required test.
  3. Proof of specialized training, for example, in ridden dressage; by attendance at pleasure clinics; ability to score.

See Additional Learner Information.

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