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The ADS and Safe Sport

Safe sport is a right of all athletes, and The American Driving Society, in partnership with USEF, supports this initiative.  Our policy statement is below, along with our position on drug testing.

As the Recognized Affiliate of USEF, the ADS will reciprocate any sanction imposed by USEF for a violation of the Safe Sport or Drugs & Medications policies. 

Driving should be enjoyed by all and safe for all.  Please take a moment to read our policy below.

As the Recognized Affiliate of United States Equestrian (USEF), the ADS supports their policy on Safe Sport, as follows:

There are numerous reasons to engage in equestrian sport at any level, from the beginner to the Olympic athlete. Equestrians share a love for the sport and a personal bond with the horse. People often engage in equestrian sport, whether in the role of an athlete, official, staff member, or other participant because of their love of horses and simply to have fun. In addition, equestrian sport encourages a healthy lifestyle and builds self-confidence. 

Unfortunately, sport can also be a high-risk environment for misconduct. All forms of misconduct are both intolerable and in direct conflict with the United States Equestrian Federation’s Vision Statement: to continue to lead equestrian sport in the United States while ensuring fairness, safety and enjoyment for an ever growing number of people.

There are six primary types of misconduct covered in this Safe Sport Statement for the purpose of athlete protection: 

• Emotional Misconduct 
• Physical Misconduct 
• Sexual Misconduct 
• Bullying 
• Harassment 
• Hazing 

Misconduct may damage an athlete’s psychological well-being.  Athletes who have been mistreated may experience social embarrassment, emotional turmoil, psychological scars, loss of self-esteem, and negatively affected relationships with family and friends. Misconduct often hurts an athlete’s competitive performance and may cause him or her to drop out of sport entirely. 

There is now a national Safe Sport Helpline that you can call 24 hours a day at 866-200-0796.

Any inquiries about the policies contained in this Safe Sport statement should be directed to safesport@usef.org or you can contact one of the following individuals on the Athlete Protection Team: Sonja S. Keating, General Counsel skeating@usef.org | 859 225 2045 Sarah Gilbert sgilbert@usef.org | 859 225 2022 Emily Pratt epratt@usef.org | 859 225 6956

The ADS and Drug Testing

As the Recognized Affiliate of United States Equestrian (USEF), the ADS will support their policy on drug testing as follows:

At USEF licensed competitions where there are ADS competitions held in conjunction with those USEF licensed competitions, all horses shall be subject to drug testing in accordance with USEF rules, which can be viewed through the following link:  https://www.usef.org/compete/resources-forms/rules-regulations/drugs-medications.  The use of drugs to mask pain, impact on equine behavior or enhance results is not compatible with equine welfare or true sportsmanship.

Horses entered in the ADS competition only are not subject to a drug fee.

Click the link below for further information about Safe Sport, or to complete the training.


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