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Educational Activities

Educational Activity Application
Hold Harmless Agreement
Activity Recap Form

Do you or your club want to host an Educational Activity? ADS Educational Activities further the mission of ADS to make the sport of carriage driving safe, fun, and fair for all. Educational activities may not be competitions, and prizes, placings, or other indicia of a competition may not be offered or presented. Educational activities are to inform drivers, trainers, organizers, media and/or volunteers in the sport or to provide training, experience or practice suited to individual skills. To qualify for ADS registration and for coverage under the ADS Insurance Program, the Organizer of a proposed educational activity must agree to and comply with ADS Requirements. Failure to comply may invalidate insurance coverage and result in denial of future registration.

Below is an overview of the requirements for ADS Educational Activities. Organizers should read the Educational Activity Application for a complete listing.

1. ADS Membership and Activity Recap Form.
The Organizer of a ADS Educational Activity must be an adult, and a current ADS member. The Organizer must be named on the application in order to be covered by insurance. Organizers receiving ADS membership applications and payment must forward the forms and funds to the ADS office no later than 10 days after the activity, along with the signed liability releases and the Activity Recap form filled in and signed by the Organizer.

2. ADS Disclaimer and Hold Harmless Agreement.
All participants in the educational activity, including the Organizer, each driver and instructor, must apply for permission to attend the activity by signing the ADS Disclaimer and Hold Harmless Agreement. Copies must be returned to the ADS office.

3. Safety Guidelines.
See the Educational Activity Application for a complete list of safety guidelines.

4. Rules.
The Organizer agrees to be guided in principle by the current ADS Rules for carriage driving, especially with regard to the suitability of obstacles, conduct and safety. Organizers are responsible for determining and adhering to local laws and requirements.

5. Organizer’s Rights.
The Organizer has the right to cancel any activity, alter advertised times or locations, and to refuse any entry. 

6. Publicity.
Each educational activity for which recognition of ADS is sought will include in its name a reference to ADS. For example, the “XYZ Farm ADS Schooling Day” or “ADS Educational Activity” or “The John Smith ADS New Driver Clinic.” The entry form and/or promotional flyer for the educational activity must clearly identify the activity as recognized by the ADS- it should also be submitted with the initial application.

7. Application Fee/Approval.
For recognition as a ADS Educational Activity, a completed Organizer’s Application for an American Driving Society, Inc Educational Activity must be received by the ADS office at least fifteen business days prior to the start of the activity, along with fees as listed on application.

8. Insurance.
The ADS educational activities secure insurance under ADS auspices; however, Organizers and landowners must raise all questions concerning coverage or requests for certificates of insurance directly through the insurance agent: Equisure, Inc. 13790 E Rice Rd., Ste. 100, Aurora, CO 80015, (800) 752-2472 Phone, (303) 614-6967 fax.

9. Policy.
All Organizers and landowners are advised to obtain a certificate of Professional Liability Insurance for each Clinician hired to conduct an educational activity.

10. Turnout.
All equipment, including equine, for a participant in the ADS educational activity must be supplied by participant. Organizers may not supply carriages, horses or other equipment to participant.

Educational Webinars

Pair Driving with Hardy Zantke

Hardy gives a comprehensive overview of pair driving including horse selection, carriages, harness, reins and the proper way to hitch a pair to a carriage. Some additional resources Hardy refers to in his presentation are:

Additional articles on the Pair Driving Website
The Art of Driving, Max Pape on Amazon
Handout for Presenation (3 slides per page)
Handout for Presentation (1 slide per page)

Archived Recording: Listen to Hardy's engaging introduction to Pair Driving (Windows Media Format, 59 MB approx 1 hour) Note: On slide #36 the horse on the left is hitched on the outside D ring instead of near. This could be a training tactic to pull that horse closer to the pole or it could have just been an "oops-a-daisy" moment. Typically you attach the pole straps to the near D ring.

If you have further questions for Hardy you may e-mail him at Hzlax@aol.com

How to Compete at a CDE without Your Spouse :-)

Long time combined driving competitor Cathy Thomas shares her foolproof method for getting to a CDE on time and organized so you can enjoy the event and not worry about if you forgot something. Cathy competes a single horse at the intermediate level, with a bumper pull 3 horse trailer. She efficiently hauls two carriages and her driving partner Trade Fair, to shows all around the midwest. Find out how she does it!

Presentation Notes (.pdf)
Trailer Tips (.pdf)
Sample Packing List (.rtf)

Archived Recording: Listen to Cathy's presentation on How to Compete at a CDE without Your Spouse (Windows Media Format, 59 MB approx 1 hour)

A Simple Truth Our Sport Relies on Volunteers with Bobbi Hagar

We have a very small sport which cannot afford to pay most of the staff that runs an event. Even with paid Officials, it takes two volunteers for every turnout. That means that no one gets to just be a competitor. If we all want to drive some... then we all have to volunteer some!

You might think it's okay to give money instead of volunteering, but it's not. Your money is not enough to sustain our sport Give something more precious - your time and your talent. Be a Volunteer... or better yet, become a Volunteer Manager!

Learn more about Bobbi and this presentation at: Carriage Driving Volunteers

Archived Recording: Listen to Bobbi's comprehensive presentation on Volunteer Management (Windows Media Format, 70 MB approx 1 hour)

An Introduction to Combined Driving with Andy Marcoux

Presentation Handout
Prelim Test #2

Does Combined Driving sound like something that you’d like to do?  Are you signed up for an event, and not sure what to expect?  Did you drive in an event, and spend a lot of time wondering what the heck was going on?  Combined Driving is the carriage driving version of Three-Day-Eventing.  It’s exciting, challenging, and most of all fun! 

Andy Marcoux has been training carriage driving horses for nearly 20 years.  He’s a frequent Combined Driving competitor, as well as Judge.  In this ADS Webinar Andy will give you an overview of Combined Driving, with what you’ll need to know as you get started in this exciting sport.

Archived Recording: Listen to Andy Marcoux's presentation An Introduction to Combined Driving

Maintaining Your Harness Investment with Greg Hunt

A good quality harness is an investment that can last you your entire driving career, but can you recognize the difference between a good harness and a great harness? Greg Hunt, owner of Hunts Harness will share his more than 35 years of knowledge on the construction, material quality and overall maintenance of a leather harness from a harness makers point of view.

How to Host a Young Driver Camp

All Camp Related Files Available on Request to

Myrna Rhinehart, former ADS Midwest Regional Director and Susan Koos Acker, former ADS Executive Director will share with you the tips and tricks they learned about running a successful Young Driver Camp.  The format that was used is easily adaptable to different venues, needs and age of participants... including NOT so young drivers! Join them for this entertaining presentation that can help your club jump start a youth program in your area. 

Educational Webinars - Archives

Quick Reference Guide for using GoToWebinar

Driven Dressage, the Basics

Presentation Handout (27 pages 3 slides per page)
Training Level Test 1

Shelly Temple

Shelly Temple will present “Driven Dressage, the Basics". Shelly and her Morgan pony 'Cooper' was a member of the US Team at the World Pony Championships in 2007 and 2011, winning a silver and bronze medal in dressage and winning a team bronze medal at each. The pair have been National Champions three times.  Shelly currently competes Cooper at FEI level in ridden dressage and has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals. She is an FEI, ADS and USEF ‘R’ Judge in Combined Driving and a ADS "R" Dressage Judge and is an active competitor, instructor, trainer and clinician. She serves on the ADS Licensed Officials Committee, and on the USEF Driving Technical Committee. Read more about Shelly at www.catalystdriving.com.

Archived Recording: Listen to Shelly Temple's presentation Driven Dressage the Basics (Windows Media Player Format, 56 MB)

Conditioning the Driving Horse

Presentation Handouts (46 pages)

Dr Rich Forfa presenting “Conditioning the Driving Horse.” Dr. Forfa is a long-time ADS member and an equine veterinarian located in Maryland. He is also an active CDE competitor. He will explain the physiological effects of exertion on your horse, give you tips to help you discover if your horse is stressed, and teach you the proper way to cool a hot horse. He will also provide you with a exercise routine that you can adapt to your situation and your horse’s current level of activity, to help you reach your competitive goals.

Archived Recording: Listen to Rich Forfa's presentation on Conditioning the Driving Horse (Windows Media Player Format, 76 MB)

Harness, Bits and More with Jeff Morse

Presentation Handouts (3 on a page)
Presentation Handouts (2 on a page)
Harness Bits and More FAQ

Jeff MorseJeff shares his extensive knowledge of harness and bits with the driving community. Whether you are a beginning driver or an experienced whip, this seminar will provide useful, practical knowledge on the most common equipment used for driving horses.

Jeff Morse has been a professional horseman for more 40 years. He currently serves on the USEF Morgan and Carriage Pleasure Committees and is the ADS Pleasure Driving Committee Chair. He has been training horses since 1970, Specializing in Carriage Driving for horses, ponies and people since 1980. Currently training people and horses for carriage driving at Green Meads Farm, celebrating its 85th year, in Richmond, MA.

Archived Recording: Listen to Jeff's presentation on Harness, Bits and More originally recorded on February 11, 2010
Harness, Bits and More (Windows Media Player format, 151.2 MB)

Navigating with Marc Johnson, An Encore Presentation

Presentation Work Pages
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Marc JohnsonThis 90 minute webinar will cover all the things a good navigator needs to know for successfully participating in a Combined Driving Event. Topics covered will include; calculating and keeping accurate time, proper position on the carriage, helpful hints to improve driver navigator communication and the rules you need to know! This seminar is a must for those new to navigating and for those that need a little brush up on essential skills. Marc Johnson, is a professional driving trainer, instructor and the ADS Combined Driving Committee Chair. Marc has captained the back step at many single, pair and four-in-hand championships with drivers such as Deirdre Pirie, Sterling Graburn and Alan Aulson.


Continuous Driving with Jeff Morse

Presentation Handout
Continuous Driving FAQ's

Jeff MorseJeff explains this fun, low cost, new addition to the 2010 Rulebooks host of driving activities.  He will go into the requirements and volunteer needs to run this type of event and give you a game plan for starting a new tradition for your driving club by hosting a Continuous  Day of Driving in your area.


Archived Recording: Listen to Jeff's presentation on Continuous Driving originally recorded on January 21, 2010
Continuous Webinar (Windows Media Player format, 56.8 MB)

Super-Reinsmanship, A New ADS Class with Jeff Morse

Presentation Handout
Judges Card

Jeff MorseADS Pleasure Driving Chair Jeff Morse leads an explanation of this new ADS recognized class.  Learn how to participate and or incorporate this activity into your own show or club event.  Learn how this fun alternative to traditional reinsmanship classes can add a little variety and excitement to your event line-up.


Archived Recording: Jump into Jeff's presentation on Super Reinsmanship originally recorded on January 7, 2010
Super Reinsmanship Webinar (Windows Media Player format, 52.64 MB)


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