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Midwest Region

Regional Director:
Deborah Bridges Gibbon, NE
(308) 468-5736

Territory: U.S.: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.  Canada:  Manitoba, Nunavet, Saskatchewan.

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Note: ADS Recognized events are in Orange and Regional events are Grey

Midwest Region ADS Affiliated Driving Clubs

The tabs below are organized by state.  Click on a tab to see ADS driving clubs, along with their website and Facebook information, for each state in the Midwest Region.

QUESTIONS? Additional information may be obtained from the ADS office by calling Stacy Carlson at (608) 237-7382 or


If you do not see your club listed please visit our renewal page to renew your club membership.


Iowa Driving Clubs


Iowa Trainers


Kansas  Driving Clubs


Kansas Trainers

Minnesota  Driving Clubs

St. Croix Horse & Carriage Society

Minnesota Trainers

Nebraska Driving Clubs

Eastern NE Driving Society


Nebraska Trainers

North Dakota Driving Clubs



North Dakota Trainers

South Dakota Driving Clubs


South Dakota Trainers

Wisconsin Driving Clubs


Wisconsin Trainers

*This is a list of ADS members who identify as trainers. ADS does not endorse trainers. 

John and Betsy Freiburger
5438 Highway M
Fitchburg, WI 53575
Dressage, obstacle and pleasure driving lessons

Mary Ruth Marks
7723 Riverside Drive
Verona, WI

Manitoba  Driving Clubs


Manitoba Trainers


Nunavet Driving Clubs


Nunavet Trainers

Saskatchewan Driving Clubs


Saskatchewan Trainers


2016 Park St, Ste 5, PO Box 278
Cross Plains, WI 53528, USA

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