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Canceled Events

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Northwest Horse Expo - March 20-22, 2020 - Oregon
Equine Affaire - April 2-5, 2020 - Ohio
Southern Pines CDE and ADS NA Preliminary and Intermediate Championships)- April 9, 2020 - North Carolina
Black Prong CT & DT - March 27, 2020 - Florida
Windsor Trace CDE & CT - March 20, 2020 - South Carolina
Northeast Recreational Drive (NERD) @ Rockefeller - September 24-27,2020 - New York
Gladstone Driving ADT @ Willow Brook Farms - April 18, 2020 - Pennsylvania
Suffolk Stables Schooling Show - April 5, 2020 - New Jersey 
ADS Spring Board Meeting is now teleconference only - April 13, 2020 ​
​Aiken Carriage Classic - April 18-19, 2020 - South Carolina 
ADS Training Show - March 29,2020 - Hawaii - POSSIBLE RESCHEDULED date April 18th or 25th, 2020
Date Change - NTW Sunrise Ridge Driving Trial & Combined Test - from April 18-19, 2020 to September 5-6, 2020, Texas
Carriage Classic in the Pines - May 2-4, 2020 - North Carolina
Larry Brinker Clinic hosted by Brass Oaks Driving Club, March 27, California
Scott Monroe Clinic at Sargent Equestrian Center, California
Katydid CDE @ TIEC - April 22-26, 2020, North Carolina
Burbank Showcase Horse Show - April 23-26, 2020, California
James River Classic ADT - May 16th, 2020, Virginia
​The Devon Horse Show and County Fair, May 2020, Pennsylvania
​Toad Hollow ADT - April 25, 2020, Virginia 
​Elk Creek CDE - June 6-7, 2020, Maryland
Equestrian Institute CDE - August 14-16, 2020, Washington
Morven Park International Equestrian Center Carriage Pleasure Show & Arena Driving Trial June 12-14, Virginia
Pioneer Pleasure Driving Show - May 30-31, 2020, Nebraska
​HACA Pine Hill DT & CT - May 23-24, 2020, Texas
Bromont International Driving - June 26-28, 2020 - Canada
TCA Carriage Classic - May 9-10,2020 - Texas
​TCA Dressage and Cones - September 12, 2020, Texas
Date Change - GMHA Spring Driving CT and ADT from May 9th and 10th 2020 to August 1st and 2nd, 2020. Vermont
​Carolina Carriage Club DT & CT - May 16-17,2020, North Carolina
​Metamora CT & CDE 2020 - June 26-28, 2020, Michigan
Vermont Morgan Heritage Days - July 4-5, 2020, Vermont
Eastern Iowa Carriage Glow CT & Pleasure Show - August 1-2, 2020, Iowa
The CDE at Inavale - July 17-19, 2020, Oregon
Lexington Carriage Classic - June 18-20, 2020, Kentucky - We will be running a virtual show starting next week that will be pinned during our show dates June 18-20. We will be posting details as to how to enter and class descriptions on Facebook and our website www.lexingtoncarriageclassic.com
​2020 Combined Driving Officials Clinic - July 17-19
Lorenzo Driving Competition - July 17-19,2020, New York
Gladstone Driving Horse Driving Trial - September 26-27, 2020, New Jersey

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March 13, 2020 Letter from ADS President re COVID-19

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March 13, 2020

Dear ADS Members, 

We join the organizers of the Southern Pines CDE, Black Prong CAC CT & DT, and Windsor Trace CDE and CT in deep disappointment at the notice that they’ve canceled their 2020 ADS-Recognized Events that fall within the next 30 days. We support the organizers’ choices and appreciate their reflection on and evaluation of the safety to the drivers, officials, and volunteers involved in their events. Southern Pines CDE was the location of the ADS North American Preliminary & Intermediate Championships in 2020, and this was to be a big retirement party for the organizers, as well as the location of the ADS Spring Board Meeting (which will now be held via teleconference).

The Board and staff of the ADS are monitoring the situation on the COVID-19 Pandemic as it relates to the safety of our members. The ADS encourages you to stay home if you are sick and to follow regulations put in place by your State and Local Governments. 

The ADS recommends that ADS Member Clubs limit large social gatherings and food services at events, restrict attendance to essential personnel, provide stocked handwashing and hand sanitizing facilities, and enact regular cleaning and sanitizing procedures for common areas and restrooms. 

Organizers of ADS-Recognized Events, as well as ADS-Member Club Events, should assess the risk based on conditions in their geographic area and make responsible decisions for their drivers, volunteers, officials, and members. 

I hope you are able to find time to get outside and enjoy driving. 

Daniel M. Rosenthal 
ADS President
WE are the ADS!!!


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2020 Northeast Recreational Drive

Update on the 2020 Northeast Recreational Drive (NERD)

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March 12, 2020

Update on the 2020 Northeast Recreational Drive (NERD)

The organizers of NERD made the difficult decision this morning to cancel the upcoming fall recreational drive at the Rockefeller Estate.


The vendors who supply the various goods and services that help make an event like NERD successful require a 50% non-refundable deposit six months in advance. If the pandemic continues and the event was cancelled at a later date, the personal financial burden to absorb those deposits would be unmanageable for the organizers. Additionally, drivers who registered could lose deposits on hotels, stalls, and other costs associated with participating. 


Organizers are exploring options to hold NERD on the same weekend, but in a venue which doesn’t require as much vendor infrastructure. 

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Membership votes in 2019/2020 ADS Board of Directors

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Important business from the 2018 ADS Annual Members Meeting weekend included the election of 2019/2020 Board of Directors and Officers. The slate of nominees as presented by the ADS Nominating Committee was approved as follows after the proposal by the Governance & Bylaws Committee requesting allowance for more than one Vice President was passed during the Annual Members Meeting:





Daniel Rosenthal


Vice Presidents:

Dana Bright, Education Committee Chair

Shelly Temple



Teresa Bron



Pat Cheatham, Finance & Audit Committee Chair


Regional Directors:


Northeast Region – Dianne Koopman

Mid-Atlantic Region – Heidi Ferguson, Recreational Driving Committee Chair

Southeast Region – Maureen Grippa

Central Region – Lynn West

Midwest Region – Jada Neubauer

Southwest Region – Hilda Wilkins

Pacific Region – Pam Miller-Mitchell

Northwest Region – Ann Craig


Directors at Large:


Maren Amdal

Jessica Axelsson, Licensed Officials Committee Chair

Gwen Bassetti

Allyn Carman, Rules Committee Chair

Suzanne Edwards

Kacy Tipton-Fashik

Ruth Graves

Margaret Grillet, Governance & Bylaws Committee Chair

Marc Johnson, Combined Driving Committee Chair

Tracey Morgan, Dressage Committee Chair

Jeff Morse, Pleasure Driving Committee Chair

Kelly Valdes, Development Committee Chair

Esther R. “Boots” Wright, Event Standards Committee Chair

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Formal Dispensation Process for ADS Para-Drivers

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At the December 2, 2018 ADS Board Meeting, Esther R. “Boots” Wright presented a formal dispensation process for Para-Drivers who are ADS members. The motion was passed and will replace the current ADS rule in G.R. 1.8, effective Jan 1, 2019:

Disabilities and Related Dispensations - when submitting entries, competitors should follow the ADS’ Policies and Procedures with respect to any accommodations they require. Management should accommodate these requests and adhere to the procedures set forth in the ADS’ Policies and Procedures. These competitors are expected to provide their own equipment and personal support staff necessary to participate and compete.

The new Para-Driver Dispensation Process follows:


Policy: The ADS believes that the sport of carriage driving and all activities of the ADS related

to carriage driving events or carriage driving educational activities should be open to all

members of the ADS and that requested dispensations and allowances for para drivers should be made.


Further, the ADS believes the burden of documenting, describing and recording such

dispensations and allowances should be minimized as much as possible. Accordingly, any ADS

member requesting such dispensation or allowances (either temporary or permanent) and upon providing documentation of the cause and nature of such dispensation or allowances will be provided with a certificate listing all requested and approved dispensations and allowances and that such certificates will be honored at all ADS events. Certificates issued by the USEF or the FEI under their programs will also be honored at all ADS events.



a) The driver will submit the Dispensation Certificate Application to the ADS. Drivers requesting Certificates must be ADS members in good standing.


b) The application and supporting documentation will state if the circumstances leading to the

application are permanent or temporary in nature. In the event that they are temporary, the

anticipated expiration date of the dispensation will be noted on the Certificate issued by the



c) The driver will accompany the application with medical certification in the form of a Doctor’s

letter on his/her letterhead describing the driver’s disability as well as the compensating

dispensations and allowances requested. The application will list the compensating aids,

dispensations, and allowances requested on the application.


d) In the alternative, the driver may submit their USEF or FEI dispensation certificate or State-issued disability permit or placard as supporting documentation. It should be noted that despite

the nature of the cause for the requested dispensations and allowances, if the materials submitted show an expiration date, this date shall be used on the Certificate issued. Accordingly, anyone applying for a permanent Certificate must provide documentation in support of their request.


e) The application and supporting documentation will be sent to the ADS Executive Director (abbie@americandrivingsociety.org) who will issue a certificate listing the compensating dispensations and allowances including aids, adaptive equipment, variances in dress or other allowances requested.


f) The driver will include a copy of their ADS certificate with their entries to ADS events.


g) The ADS will keep a confidential copy of the documentation on file and, where appropriate,

issue an identifier/placard for those using motor vehicles while inspecting the course(s) (in order to allow the ready identification of permitted vehicles.).


h) The Organizer will include a copy of the certificate(s) for each driver in each Official’s



i) A copy of these policies and procedures will be provided to anyone requesting a Dispensation.

Certificate Application.


j) The ADS reserves the right to revoke Dispensation Certificates for reasons including but not

limited to the following:


1. Expiration of temporary certificates.

2. Lapse of ADS membership exceeding 60 days.

3. False information supplied on the original application.

4. Resolution of the applicant’s disability status.


k) Junior Drivers must renew their Certificate under their own signature after their 18th birthday.

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Changes to Fees

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During the examination of the current financial report and 2019 budget, the ADS Board of Directors voted to increase the cost of a Lifetime Membership to $1,800. This increase will allow the ADS to continue to provide its products and services to Lifetime Members without losing money after the first 13 years of the membership. This increase makes the membership more viable for the ADS while continuing to carry a significantly lower pricetag than other equine membership organizations. The board also agreed to a $30 shipping fee to all annual International Memberships (NOT Life Memberships) in order to cover the costs of shipping The Whip internationally each quarter.

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