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Published on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Formal Dispensation Process for ADS Para-Drivers

At the December 2, 2018 ADS Board Meeting, Esther R. “Boots” Wright presented a formal dispensation process for Para-Drivers who are ADS members. The motion was passed and will replace the current ADS rule in G.R. 1.8, effective Jan 1, 2019:

Disabilities and Related Dispensations - when submitting entries, competitors should follow the ADS’ Policies and Procedures with respect to any accommodations they require. Management should accommodate these requests and adhere to the procedures set forth in the ADS’ Policies and Procedures. These competitors are expected to provide their own equipment and personal support staff necessary to participate and compete.

The new Para-Driver Dispensation Process follows:


Policy: The ADS believes that the sport of carriage driving and all activities of the ADS related

to carriage driving events or carriage driving educational activities should be open to all

members of the ADS and that requested dispensations and allowances for para drivers should be made.


Further, the ADS believes the burden of documenting, describing and recording such

dispensations and allowances should be minimized as much as possible. Accordingly, any ADS

member requesting such dispensation or allowances (either temporary or permanent) and upon providing documentation of the cause and nature of such dispensation or allowances will be provided with a certificate listing all requested and approved dispensations and allowances and that such certificates will be honored at all ADS events. Certificates issued by the USEF or the FEI under their programs will also be honored at all ADS events.



a) The driver will submit the Dispensation Certificate Application to the ADS. Drivers requesting Certificates must be ADS members in good standing.


b) The application and supporting documentation will state if the circumstances leading to the

application are permanent or temporary in nature. In the event that they are temporary, the

anticipated expiration date of the dispensation will be noted on the Certificate issued by the



c) The driver will accompany the application with medical certification in the form of a Doctor’s

letter on his/her letterhead describing the driver’s disability as well as the compensating

dispensations and allowances requested. The application will list the compensating aids,

dispensations, and allowances requested on the application.


d) In the alternative, the driver may submit their USEF or FEI dispensation certificate or State-issued disability permit or placard as supporting documentation. It should be noted that despite

the nature of the cause for the requested dispensations and allowances, if the materials submitted show an expiration date, this date shall be used on the Certificate issued. Accordingly, anyone applying for a permanent Certificate must provide documentation in support of their request.


e) The application and supporting documentation will be sent to the ADS Executive Director (abbie@americandrivingsociety.org) who will issue a certificate listing the compensating dispensations and allowances including aids, adaptive equipment, variances in dress or other allowances requested.


f) The driver will include a copy of their ADS certificate with their entries to ADS events.


g) The ADS will keep a confidential copy of the documentation on file and, where appropriate,

issue an identifier/placard for those using motor vehicles while inspecting the course(s) (in order to allow the ready identification of permitted vehicles.).


h) The Organizer will include a copy of the certificate(s) for each driver in each Official’s



i) A copy of these policies and procedures will be provided to anyone requesting a Dispensation.

Certificate Application.


j) The ADS reserves the right to revoke Dispensation Certificates for reasons including but not

limited to the following:


1. Expiration of temporary certificates.

2. Lapse of ADS membership exceeding 60 days.

3. False information supplied on the original application.

4. Resolution of the applicant’s disability status.


k) Junior Drivers must renew their Certificate under their own signature after their 18th birthday.

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Author: Stacy Carlson

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