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9/4/2015: September Wheelhorse: You can download your copy of the September Wheelhorse here.

8/25/14:American Driving Society to honor 40 individuals as part of 40th anniversary celebration

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the American Driving Society, Inc. (ADS) is honoring individuals who have made a difference for the Society, and who have also worked diligently with related associations, breeds, disciplines, education and outreach.

Nominations were submitted by friends and members of the ADS and reviewed by a diverse committee of member-volunteers. In all, over 100 nominations were received. The 40 individuals represent the past, present and future of the ADS and have contributed in significant ways to the sport of carriage driving both competitively and for pleasure.

The following individuals will be honored on September 27 as part of the ADS Annual Members Meeting and 40th Anniversary Celebration, September 25-28 at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Mike Arnold

Marc Johnson

Claire Reid

Debbie Banfield

*Charles Kellogg

*William Remley

Audrey Bostwick

W. Craig Kellogg

Mike Rider

Micki Bowen

Elaine Kendig

Thomas Ryder

Dana Bright

Jean & Frank

Muffy Seaton

Veronica & Ted

Susan Koso

*Victor & Evelyn Shone

Barbara Chapman

Bill Lawson

Lisa Singer

Anne Councill

Bill & Linda Long

Allison Stroud

Martha Duchnowski

Mary O’Rourke

Kelly Valdes

Judy Gregg

Deirdre Pirie

*John J. P. (Jack) Weir

Natasha Grigg

Louisa N. Plummer

Judson & Frances

*Robert Heath

Larry Poulin

Hardy Zantke

Barbara & Trish

Ann Pringle

* denotes members of
the ADS founding

*Philip B. Hofmann  

Holly Pulsifer


7/1/14: ADS Proxy Vote Procedure
A note from Amanda Horton, Chair, ADS Bylaws and Governance

The annual members’ meeting of the ADS is coming up in September in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, Maine. If you are unable to attend the meeting (actual meeting on September 27), use the proxy form.

The use of proxies allows the ADS to meet the quorum requirement (100 members) in order to conduct business at the meeting. In addition, the holder of the proxy may cast that member’s vote in the election of the board of directors and other business conducted at the meeting. To use the proxy, fill out the form and designate the name of your agent – typically an ADS member that you know will be in attendance at the meeting. Send the form into the ADS early enough that it will arrive in the office by September 19, 2014. It is also possible for your representative to bring a signed proxy to the meeting and present it to the Secretary, Ann Davis. We encourage you to use the mail-in method to avoid delay at the meeting.

6/11/14: Slate of Nominees - ADS Board of Directors

2015-2017 Term, Election will be held at the ADS Annual Members Meeting, September 27, 2014 in Maine.

Learn more about the nominating process

Read candidate bios and view the slate



competition updates

September 11-14: Hermitage Classic CDE, Adds CT for all divisions.

September 13-14: Touchstone Farms Events, Pricing and format changes

September 18-21: Shady Oaks CDE, Judge change

September 19-21: Garden State CDE & CT, Early Bird entry date changed, Judge change

New! October 25: Union Bridge Pleasure Show, New Show in MD

View all ADS recognized events in the electronic version of the Omnibus


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