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Omnibus 10-01-2021 Colorado CDE and CT
Parker, CO

CANCELED Omnibus 10-01-2021 Saratoga Driving Society Combined Test & Driving Trial CANCELED
Stockbridge, MA

Omnibus 10-2-2021 California Fall Classic
Wilton, CA

Omnibus 10-07-2021 Garden State CDE - Not ADS Recognized
Allentown, NJ

CANCELED Omnibus 10-09-2021 TCA Carriage Classic CANCELED
Buffalo, TX

Omnibus 10-22-2021 Pine Tree CDE & CT
Southern Pines, NC

Omnibus 10-23-2021 Halloween ADT
Moorpark, CA

10-26-2021 Ocala International Horse Show  - NOT ADS RECOGNIZED
Ocala, FL 

Omnibus 10-29-2021 Ocala International CT
Ocala, FL

Omnibus 11-4-2021 Windsor Trace CDE and CT North American Preliminary and Intermediate Champion
Windsor, SC

Omnibus 11-06-2021 Festival of Driving
Scottsdale, AZ

Omnibus 11-13-2021 Buffalo Pinch Hitcher II
Buffalo, TX

Omnibus 11-13-2021 Tickety Boo Farm CT
Melrose, FL

Omnibus 11-17-2021 Black Prong CT 1 & Driving Derby 1
Bronson, FL


Omnibus 12-05-2021 Grand Oaks CT

Omnibus 12-08-2021 Black Prong CT 2 & Driving Derby 2
Bronson, FL

Omnibus 12-29-2021 Black Prong CT 3 & Driving Derby 3
Bronson, FL

2022 Events


Omnibus 01-14-2022 Nature Coast CDE & CT
Bronson, FL

Omnibus 01-23-2022 Aiken Driving Club Driving Derby 1
Aiken, SC


Omnibus 02-04-2022 Grand Oaks Classic CT & Derby
Weirsdale, FL

Omnibus 02-06-2022 Aiken Driving Club Driving Derby 2
Aiken, SC

Omnibus 02-11-2022 Black Prong Dressage Festival
Bronson, FL

Omnibus 02-23-2022 Black Prong Driving Derby 4
Bronson, FL

Omnibus 02-28-2022 Aiken Driving Club Driving Derby 3
Aiken, SC


Omnibus 03-09-2022 Black Prong Driving Derby 5
Bronson, FL 

Omnibus 03-18-2022 Black Prong CDE & CT
Bronson, FL

Omnibus 03-27-2022 Aiken Driving Club Driving Derby Finals by Invitation
Aiken, SC

Omnibus 03-30-2022 Black Prong Driving Derby Invitational Finals
Bronson, FL


Omnibus 04-08-2022 Southern Pines CDE & CT
Raeford, NC

Omnibus 04-16-2022 Aiken Carriage Classic and Dressage
Aiken, SC

Omnibus 04-23-2022 NTW Sunrise Ridge DT & CT
Paradise, TX


Omnibus 05-06-2022 Carriage Classic in the Pines
Southern Pines, NC

Omnibus 05-13-2022 Sargent Equestrian Spring CDE
Lodi, CA

Omnibus 05-14-2022 GMHA Spring CT & AT
South Woodstock, VT

Omnibus 05-28-2022 HACA Pine Hill Driving Trail and CT
Belleville, TX


Omnibus 06-03-2022 Elk Creek CDE & CT
Elkton, MD

Omnibus 06-04-2022 MHDVA Blue Ribbon Pleasure Show and CT
Ionia, MI

Omnibus 06-10-22 Pioneer Pleasure Show and CT
Seward, NE

Omnibus 06-12-2022 Myopia Carriage Classic
Ipswich, MA


Omnibus 07-23-2022 Waldingfield Driving Trial
Ipswich, MA






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