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2024 Events

Omnibus 01-06-2024 Black Prong's Classic Under the Oaks I Canceled
Bronson, FL

Omnibus 1-20-2024 Landmark Farms CT
Windsor, SC

Omnibus 02-02-2024 Grand Oaks Classic Pleasure Driving CT and Derby
Weirsdale, FL

Omnibus 02-06-2024 Earn Your Medal 1
Fort White, FL

Omnibus 02-10-2024 Landmark Farms Driving Trial
Windsor, SC

Omnibus 02-14-2024 Aiken Driving Club 2024 Derby #2
Windsor, SC

Omnibus 02-17-2024 Sweetheart HDT_CT_Dressage and Cones - rescheduled to June
Temecula, CA

Omnibus 02-20-2024 Earn Your Medal - 2
Fort White, FL


Omnibus 03-05-2024 Earn Your Medal - 3
Fort White, FL

Omnibus 03-30-2024 Tickety Boo Farm Pleasure Show
Melrose, FL

Omnibus 03-30-2024 Black Prong's Classic Under the Oaks II Canceled
Bronson, FL 

Omnibus 03-31-2024 Aiken Driving Club 2024 Derby #3
Windsor, SC

Omnibus 04-04-2024 Southern Pines CDE CT & DT
Raeford, NC

Omnibus 04-06-2024 Earn Your Medal - 4
Fort White, FL 

Omnibus 04-13-2024 Aiken Carriage Classic_Dressage and Pleasure CT
Aiken, SC

Omnibus 04-13-2024 Willow Draw DT
Weatherford, TX

Omnibus 05-03-2024 Carriage Classic in the Pines
Southern Pines, NC

Omnibus 5-11-2024 GMHA Spring CT & AT
Woodstock, VT

Omnibus 5-11-2024 Cowboy Country DT & CT
Stillwater, OK

Omnibus 05-11-2024 Carolina Carriage Club DT and CT
Hendersonville, NC

Omnibus 05-16-2024 Sargent Equestrian Spring CDE
Lodi, CA 

Omnibus 05-24-2024 ADS Midwest Regional Drive
Granger, IA 

Omnibus 05-25-2024 HACA Pine Hill DT and CT - Canceled
Bellville, TX

Omnibus 5-31-2024 Elk Creek Driving Event DT and CT
Elkton, MD

Omnibus 06-01-2024 CDE Farm Guillemette
Quebec, CN

Omnibus 06-08-2024 Pioneer Pleasure Show and Combined Test
Omaha, NE

Omnibus 06-08-2024 MHDVA Blue Ribbon Driving Show & Pleasure CT
Ionia, MI

Omnibus 06-09-2024 Myopia Carriage Classic
Ipswich, MA

Omnibus 06-14-2024 Midwest Carriage Festival Pleasure Show and CT & Derby
Elkhorn, WI 

Omnibus 06-21-2024 Dressage in the Park
Wilton, CA

Omnibus 06-22-2024 Summer Festival CDE_CT
Wilton, CA

Omnibus 06-29-2024 Gladstone HDT and CT
Gladstone, NJ

Omnibus 06-29-2024 Sweetheart HDT_CT_Dressage and Cones
Temecula, CA 

Omnibus 06-30-2024 SNECDA AT and CT
Brooklyn, CT

Omnibus 07-05-2024 Notara Farm DT & CT - Canceled
Verona, WI 

Omnibus 07-19-2024 Lorenzo Driving Competition
Cazenovia, NY

Omnibus 07-19-2024 Wade House Carriage Driving Days Pleasure show and Pleasure CT
Greenbush, WI

Omnibus 07-26-2024 The Great Lakes Carriage Classic
Jerseyville, Ontario, Canada


Omnibus 08-08-2024 Orleton Farm Driving Competition
Stockbridge, MA

Omnibus 08-10-2024 Equestrians Institute CDE and CT
Rochester, WA

Omnibus 08-16-2024 Metamora CDE and CT
Metamora, MI

Omnibus 08-22-2024 GMHA Summer CDE and CT
South Woodstock, VT 

Omnibus 08-23-2024 Colorado CDE and CT - ADS North American Prelim and Interm Championships
Parker, CO

Omnibus 08-25-2024 My Lady's Manor Driving Club Dressage and CT at Harlequin Farm
Purcellville, VA

Omnibus 08-31-2024 Wheels at Wildwood DT
100 Mile House, BC Canada


Omnibus 09-06-2024 Villa Louis Carriage Classic
Prairie du Chien, WI 

Omnibus 09-07-2024 Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club CT and Continuous Drive
Geneseo, NY

Omnibus 09-14-2024 Windridge Farms DT and CT
Hendersonville, NC

Omnibus 09-20-2024 GMHA Fall DT and CT 
South Woodstock, VT

Omnibus 09-21-2024 Longview by the Lake DT
Kansas City, MO

Omnibus 09-26-2024 MARD Mid-Atlantic Regional Drive
Elkton, MD

Omnibus 09-27-2024 Indiana CDE and CT
Ninevah, IN


Omnibus 10-05-2024 TCA Carriage Classic at Willow Draw
Weatherford, TX

Omnibus 10-18-2024 Nashoba Carriage Classic and Driving Derby
Germantown, TN

Omnibus 10-25-2024 Halloween at the Haven DT and CT
Paris, KY

Omnibus 10-31-2024 Windsor Trace CDE and CT
Windsor, SC

Omnibus 11-9-2024 Tickety Boo Farm Veterans Day Classic
Melrose, FL 

Omnibus 11-9-2024 HACA Pine Hill DT and CT - Omnibus update coming soon.
Bellville, TX

Omnibus 11-16-2024 Iron Horse HDT fundraiser
Ocala, FL 

Omnibus 12-31-2024 5th Annual New Years Eve Drive
Melrose, Fl

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