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*IMPORTANT: Because of the COVID-19 Virus and the cancelation of many measurement clinics, the deadline for measurement cards at ADS-Recognized competitions was extended to Jan 1, 2021.

Appendix GR-B and Article 930.4 have been added to the ADS Rulebook:
  1. ADS Ponies are 120cm to 148cm with or without shoes, 149 with shoes.
  2. ADS Small Ponies are 99cm to less than 120cm; with or without shoes.
  3. VSEs are under 99cm with or without shoes.
  4. Animals will be measured prior to their first competition of each year until reaching the competition age of 8 years, after which they will receive a Permanent Card.
  5. Measurement Cards are for the exclusive use of ADS Competitions.
Measurement Procedures:
  • An ADS Measurement may be taken by only a trained ADS Licensed Official, a measurement-trained FEI or USEF Licensed Official, or veterinarian.
  • USEF Measurement Cards will be accepted as proof of height.
  • Measurement MUST be taken from the highest point of the withers. This spot must be identified by palpation before measurement is taken.
  • Animals are to be measured on a flat, hard, level surface. Concrete or Tarmac is ideal. If no such surface is available, the floor of a horse trailer which has been levelled is acceptable.
  • The animal must be positioned with front legs parallel and perpendicular. Front toes SHOULD BE inline. All four feet must be taking weight. The head must be in its natural upright position.
  • Officials may not measure their own or their family’s animals.
  • A veterinarian is not required to measure unless an animal is borderline in height and there might be a question as to what height it might be.
  • Photographic identification, such as a Coggins with photographs is acceptable for animal identification.
  • If a Coggins has a space for notes, a veterinarian may measure the animal and add the height in this space.
  • All ponies and VSEs may be measured beginning January 1, 2020.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, all ponies and VSEs competing in an ADS-recognized event must have a valid ADS Measurement Card or USEF Measurement Card as defined in Art 930.4.