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2020 ADS Annual Members Meeting, Awards Gala and Driving Weekend
Held virtually via Zoom 
December 4 - December 6, 2020
With Covid-19 continuing to spread in the US and with case numbers on the rise, the ADS Executive Committee has considered the safety of our board, staff, and members and opted to cancel our in person meeting planned for Grand Oaks in December and to replace it with an online/virtual 2020 ADS Annual Meeting. Our bylaws do not preclude the meeting from happening virtually and we believe that we would be unrealistic to expect people to travel to Florida for the meeting and reckless to hold it given the circumstances and our demographics. The meetings will still be held over the weekend of December 5-6. 
Although the meetings will be held virtually, we have many other exciting things planned for the weekend. The Education Committee, in conjunction with the ADS Technical Committees, will offer webinars and other educational opportunities for the ADS membership via the Zoom platform. We're also working on a Silent Auction!
Although we're disappointed that we won't see our membership in person, we plan to celebrate our Award Winners and Hours to Drive participants during the Annual Member's Meeting on December 5 at 3pm East. The ADS Board Meeting will commence on December 6 at 12pm East.
Registration is open now and is required. There is no fee to attend and attendance is limited to ADS Members. We hope that this opportunity will allow members who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting to participate and engage in meetings and driving-specific educational opportunities. A full schedule of meetings and webinars will follow in the coming weeks.
Click on the link below to register. The first 100 registrants will receive a gift! We look forward to "seeing" you this December. 

CLICK HERE to Register for the ADS Annual Meeting


Friday, December 4, 2020


11am-5pm Zoom Webinars


11-12: Training Scale for Driving Horses with ADS Dressage Chair Tracey Morgan 


12-1: The Ins and Outs of ADS Membership & Website Navigation Q&A with ADS Membership Chair Teresa Bron 


1-2: Nutritional Concerns in Driving Horses with Dr. Kathleen Crandall 


2-3: Recreational Driving and Safety Tips with ADS Recreational Driving Chair Heidi Ferguson


3-4: Equine Dentistry-From the Basics to the Performance Horse with Amanda Compton 


4-5: Changes to the 2021 Rulebook with ADS Rulebook Chair Lauren Reece 




Saturday, December 5, 2020


10am-2:30pm Zoom Webinars


10-11: Licensed Officials Roundtable with LOC Chair Shelly Temple(Open to all registered ADS members)


11-12: The Silent Drive with ADS Pleasure Driving Chair Jeff Morse 


12-1: Bitting the Driving Horse with Myrna Rhinehart


1-2: Rule Updates and Marathon Formats with ADS Combined Driving Chair Marc Johnson


2-2:45-How to Correctly Fill out Event Entry Forms with ADS Event Standards Chair Esther R. “Boots” Wright


3pm: ADS Annual Member’s Meeting, including Election of 2021 Board Members and the 2020 Awards Presentations



Sunday, December 6, 2020 


12pm-3pm: ADS Board of Directors Meeting


Bio for Dr. Kathleen Crandell:

Dr. Kathleen Crandell earned her MS in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and PhD in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Dr. Crandell has been Superintendent of the Virginia Tech Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Middleburg, Virginia, where she ran the equine research center and the breeding program, which was home to over 100 Thoroughbred horses. For over 23 years, she has been an equine nutrition consultant for Kentucky Equine Research (KER), responsible for support of the national and international feed mills associated with KER with feed formulation, advising on issues of manufacturing and packaging of equine feeds and customer equine feeding recommendations.  She also provides recommendations for nutritional programs of individual horses or farms and equine publications, and has consulted for some of the top equine competitors in the US. Dr. Crandell has presented nutritional seminars for education of the general equine public and scientific community around the world.  She writes or is interviewed for articles on specific topics in equine nutrition for KER publications, Equinews website and popular magazines. In addition, Dr. Crandell is an Instructor for Equine Guelph, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, teaching an online advanced equine nutrition course “Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition”, an in-depth study of nutritional related diseases and disorders. She has competed in endurance and competitive trail and is an avid trail rider with her two Arabian horses and an Arabian/Hannoverian cross who are eager to share the trail with her.