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Open to any ADS member under 21 years of age - at the time of the event of the submitted scores - on his best verifiable scores sent in by applicant and achieved during  the 12 months preceding the closing date of November 30th of each year.*  Only correct and complete filled ADS Youth Championship Applicant Forms to qualify. Drivers can apply in any or all of the disciplines, but can win only one discipline per year. ADS Youth Championship's Award decisions to be final and  not protestable.

CDE Drivers:

To be awarded to the lowest total score in penalty points from any ADS recognized CDE or HDT on Preliminary level or above (no Training Level, no ADT’s). HDT Scores to be adjusted by adding 15%.  Marathon scores will be adjusted for qualifying events with fewer than six obstacles, for Preliminary, and seven obstacles, for Intermediate and Advanced; that is, the competitor’s time in the obstacles will be normalized to equate to six or seven obstacles using that competitor’s average obstacle time. Thereafter Preliminary scores to be taken as posted, Intermediate Level scores to be credited 15% of total score and Advanced Level scores to be credited 30% of total score. Ties to be broken by best dressage scores.

Example: Competitor A sends in his best score reached at a ADS CDE on Prelim level with 96.73 penalty points. Competitor B sends in his best score on Interm. level with 115.63, Competitor C has his best score on Adv. level with 132.16, and Competitor D has his best score as  Preliminary  Level HDT 86.22.
A gets 96.73, B gets 115.63 ./. 15% = 98.29, C gets 132.16 ./. 30% = 92.51, and D gets 86.22 + 15% = 99.15 . So C wins, followed by A, B and D.

Pleasure Drivers:

To be awarded to the highest points from any two ADS or USEF recognized Carriage Pleasure Driving Classes judged by an ADS judge. One of the two class results to be either from a Working / Reinsmanship or Turnout class, and the other result to be from any other Pleasure Driving class. Points to be calculated with one point awarded for each competitor behind the applicant plus 3 points extra credit for a first place, 2 points extra credit for a second place and 1 point extra credit for a third place. Ties to be broken by second best scores.

Example:  Competitor A sent in his best score having finished 3rd in a Reinsmanship class with 12 competitors and an 4th in a Gambler’s Choice Class with 8 competitors. Competitor B sent in his best score having won a Working class with 8 competitors and a 3rd in a Timed Obstacle class of 4 competitors, and Competitor C sends in his best score having placed second in a Turnout class with 9 competitors and a first in a Double Jeopardy class of 6 competitors.

A has 8 competitors behind him in the Reinsmanship class, so gets 8 points plus 1 for third place = 9 points  plus 4 points for the Gambler’s Choice = 13 points.
B has 7 competitors behind him in the Working Class, so gets 7 points plus 3 for first place = 10 points, plus 2 points for the Timed Obstacle class = 12 points.
C has  7 competitors behind him in the Turnout class, so gets 7 points plus 2 for second place = 9 points, plus 8 points for the Double Jeopardy = 17 points.
So C wins followed by A followed by B.

Recreational Drivers:

To be awarded to the driver who drove the most hours during the time from last December 1st up to November 1st (or his 21th birthday, which ever came first) on a diary of every hour driven with date and driving time with each entry signed to be true and correct by an adult ADS member. Only hours driven himself to be entered - not hours as groom or passenger.