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Blue Level: ADS Training Level Tests
Bronze Medal: ADS Preliminary Tests
Silver Medal: ADS Intermediate Level Tests and / or FEI 1* Tests
Gold Medal: ADS Advanced Level and / or FEI 2* or 3* Tests (or equivalent = tests driven at FEI World Championships)

For each level four tests of the required level - or higher (see Note 1 below) - with a score of 48 penalty points or below, or 70% or above, are required. For all tests that do not have Presentation included (i.e., all OLD ADT Tests and other Training and Preliminary level tests that do not have POM - Presentation on the Move), the score must be 45 penalty points or below, or 70% or above. Each medal may be earned only once by an individual.

Tests must have been driven at an ADS or USEF or FEI recognized event (see Note 2 below). Driver must be a current ADS member.

Each test must have been judged by an ADS, USEF or FEI licensed Combined Driving Judge, or an ADS licensed Driven Dressage Judge.

Each of the four tests must be from a separate drive (e.g. one cannot turn in three tests from three different judges all from the same drive when there were three judges judging). The tests do not need to be from four separate events in case an event offers more than one test - like a Driven Dressage Festival.

Tests must be from at least three different judges.

There is no time limit. The tests can be accumulated by the driver over any number of years. They can be driven with any number of different turnouts.

Individual dressage test results or, where no individual dressage tests are available, verifiable show results (either with individual judges scores or averaged scores) will be acceptable.

It is up to the driver to identify the four test results and send them in to the ADS Dressage Committee as specified on the application form upon completion of all four. Each test should have sufficient information to verify the date, the name, and the location of the event, and the name of the judge. This can either be done by stating sufficient information on the dressage tests score sheet and/or by providing a result sheet of the events showing the required information as listed above.

Note 1: “Or higher” to mean: Applicants may turn in one, or more tests from higher level than the one they are aiming for the reward, e.g. for a blue level award, where four training level tests are required, if the applicant has only three - or fewer, but has another one - or more - from the Preliminary level - or even from Intermediate or Advanced (all within the qualifying score) they may use those Preliminary or Intermediate or Advanced Level tests. Similarly for all the other levels. Further: Turning in qualifying tests for a higher level will not automatically qualify for a lower level award as well, e.g. if one turns in tests qualifying for a silver medal, one will not also be awarded a blue and bronze medal. In no case may a single drive be submitted as more than one result for a given level nor may a single drive be submitted as a result for more than one level.

Note 2: ADS recognized event that offered driven dressage, so ADTs, HDTs, Combined Tests, CDEs, and Pleasure Driving Shows all are acceptable.

2020 ADS Dressage Award Winners

Rachel Bruce, Blue
Patti Rozensky, Bronze
Diane Kastama, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Elizabeth Rieselman, Bronze
David Dunn, Bronze
Linda Evans, Bronze
Jim Hudson, Blue, Bronze
Jennifer Thompson, Gold

2019 ADS Dressage Award Winners

Deborah Holmes, Bronze
Margaret Shenker, Bronze and Silver
Judii Tintera, Blue
Keith Angstadt, Bronze and Silver
Eileen Leek, Bronze
Linda Poland, Bronze
Susan Mallery, Bronze and Silver
Gail Aumiller, Silver
Gloria Ripperton, Bronze
Debbi Schuster, Silver
Donna Treiber, Bronze
Louise Fox, Silver

2018 ADS Dressage Award Winners

Daniel M Rosenthal, Bronze
Kim Cameron, Bronze, Silver
Kathleen Schmitt, Bronze
Bill Allen, Silver
Hardy Zantke, Gold
Gail Aumiller, Blue, Bronze
Riley Wiltison, Blue, Bronze
Allyn Carman, Silver
Jennifer Matheson, Gold
Shelly Temple, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Barbara Sims, Bronze, Gold
Louise Fox, Bronze
Sharon Brady, Silver, Bronze, Blue
Dona Love, Bronze, Silver
Suzy Stafford, Gold
Becky Banjamin, Bronze
Gladys Ann Wells, Blue, Bronze
Francesca Canfield, Bronze
Eileen Leek, Blue
Lynn Legg, Bronze
Linda Poland, Blue
Bonnie Hudson, Bronze
Chester Weber, Gold
Misdee Wrigley Miller, Gold
James Fairclough, Gold
Jennifer Thompson, Bronze, Silver
Danute Bright, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Robin Groves, Silver
Diego Rubio, Blue
Judy Canavan, Blue, Bronze, Silver
Rebecca Gutierrez, Silver
Susan Rogers, Bronze
Ray Mansur, Bronze
Sybil Humphreys (postumously), Silver
Elizabeth Reiselman, Blue

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