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2018 ADS Rulebook

2018 ADS Rulebook clean

2018 ADS Rulebook for Print

2018 ADS Rulebook redline (edits shown)

2018 ADS Rulebook (redline with full CD-FEI)

Driven Dressage tests Super Reinsmanship tests

Rule Change Blog

View and comment on proposed rule changes (requires separate login to comment)


Rule Change Process Calendar


January thru May (deadline June 1)

Rule change Suggestions accepted from any member or committee. Suggestions from members are forwarded to the appropriate Technical Committee(s). Submit a suggestion online

June 1-15 (deadline June 15)

Technical Committees may make additional or modified Suggestions.

June 15-July 15 (deadline July 15)

Tech committees review each and determine whether recommended or not recommended. Recommended suggestions become rule change Proposals. Results are sent to Rules committee.

Rules committee updates blog

August (deadline September 1)

Annual membership review period. Final opportunity for member comments on proposed changes.

September (deadline October 1)

Tech committees finalize language and submit to Rules committee the final Proposals for approval by the Board of Directors.

Rules committee updates and sends final RCPs to BOD

Fall Board Meeting (usually mid-October)

Board votes to approve.


Advance copy posted to web.

January 1

Effective date

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