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Northwest Region

Regional Director: 
Ann Craig

Territory: Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territory and Yukon Territory

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Northwest Driving Clubs

American Driving Society style horse carriage driving is a popular equestrian activity in the Northwest, pursued by an enthusiastic group of devotees to the sport. The American Driving Society recognizes several forms of competitive driving, including Combined Driving, Pleasure Driving, and Driven Dressage, with an emphasis in the Northwest of Combined Driving. In addition to competitive driving, ADS members in the Northwest are involved in the organization of Recreational Driving just for the fun of it!

Join your local driving club for help getting started.  Clubs provide resources and friends to learn to drive for Recreation, Pleasure Shows and/or Combined Driving Events, SAFELY!

The tabs below are organized by state.  Click on a tab to see the ADS affiliated driving clubs, along with their website and Facebook information, for each state in the Northwest Region.

QUESTIONS? Additional information may be obtained from the ADS office by calling Stacy Carlson at (608) 237-7382 or

If you do not see your club listed please visit our renewal page to renew your club membership.

Wyoming and Idaho Driving Clubs


Wyoming & Idaho Trainers


Montana Driving Clubs


Montana Trainers

Washington Driving Clubs


Washington Trainers




Alaska Driving Clubs


Alaska Trainers

British Columbia Driving Clubs

British Columbia Carriage Driving Society​


British Columbia Trainers


Northwest Territory & Yukon Territory Driving Clubs


NWT& YT Trainers

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