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               Mid Atlantic Regional Report Feb. Whip

Three clubs reported in for this month’s Whip article: 


Delmarva Driving Club reports that it will once again be holding its driving show in May at the Caroline County 4-H grounds in Denton, MD. While there is a show committee in place, a show chairman is still needed. Interested parties should contact any Officer or Board of Directors member. This information can be found on their website at

They are also looking for members to plan or lead drives. Information on drives can be found on their website or Facebook page. Additionally, the Delaware Equine Council will be awarding five $1500 scholarships this year that the club has contributed a modest amount to in furthering this endeavor.

Upcoming activities include a panel discussion on carts and coaching and the annual Beginner Driving Clinic.


Brandywine Valley Driving Club member David Cox is seeking information on Norristown Driving Club. Apparently, they were active in the early 1900’s and awarded this trophy to Mr. Frank D. Cox on September 4, 1911. Frank’s great, great grandson – David Cox – is trying to get some more information about this club and the details of the record his great grandfather set on that date. The wording on the trophy says:


Presented by Norristown Driving Club to Mr. Frank D. Cox

owner of Barnett B. Jr.

who lowered Kinwood Track record on September 4, 1911 to 2.15


David has not been able to find anything on the internet about the Norristown Driving Club or the track mentioned on the trophy. If you have any “leads” for David, please communicate directly with him at his wife’s email address: 

It would be great to recover and preserve another piece of our sport’s history. Any information about the club or the track or historical societies in your area who might have that information would be greatly appreciated!

BVDC member Caroline Cox reports the following:


“Horses, carriages and friends got together in the Virginia countryside on the last day of summer…could there be a better combination for marking the Autumnal Equinox? September 22 found Mark Duffell and friends setting off in carriages from Whitestone Farm to Banbury Cross, a Middleburg fixture known for fast paced and enormously popular field polo. They travelled over four miles of historic road past carefully preserved estates and horse farms, with magnificent views in all directions, before the group reached their rest stop. Mark led with his perfectly matched Belgian pair put to a deep hued eight seat wagonette, expertly crafted by Carriage Machine Shop. Behind him came Carl Cox with his black and tan pair of geldings put to a Bird in Hand wagonette. Last, but hardly least, came Mary Munster driving her unicorn of Friesians, sporting Freedman harness and put to a Van Der Heuvel presentation vehicle. Upon arrival at the polo grounds horses rested in the shade while Whitestone staff kept the Champagne flowing as they served a delicious variety of canapes to guests, whips and grooms.


After a leisurely trot back to Whitestone, horses were refreshed and put up, carriages loaded, and everyone gathered in the exhibition hall to continue the fun. Mark graciously hosted a luncheon of croissants stuffed with chicken salad, a mixed green and grain salad dotted with grape tomatoes, a bountiful mixture of berries, and platters of Madelines and assorted cookies. Summer is now a memory, made extra special by days such as this.”


James River Driving Club ADT committee organized a hazard workday for the 11th at Tom and Daphne's place. Plans were to make 5 square and 4 triangle hazards. (photos attached below) 


In other news the Maryland Horse Expo at Timonium was cancelled for 2018 and beyond. The good news is that full attention can now be directed to the 16th Annual Pennsylvania Horse World Expo, March 1-4, 2018 at the PA Farm Show Complex and Exhibition Center in Harrisburg, PA. This event has, quite frankly, eclipsed the Maryland Expo in recent years and the latter’s demise comes as no surprise to horse enthusiasts within the region. Anne Councill will once again be running the ADS booth and Pam Kister will be in charge of whatever demos, clinics or driving attractions take place during the four day event.

As Recreational Driving Chair, I continue to work on the ADS Trail Guide. It is a BIG job, but here’s how you can help:

1. Log in to the ADS website via username and password

 2. Go to Recreational Driving

3. Select ADS Trail Guide

4. Click on your region

5. Peruse the listings

If you see a Site needing revision, or don’t see one of your favorite Sites to drive listed, click on the Online Submission Form and fill it out with all the information you have on the site. When you click the submit button it comes to me, I give it a cursory check and then upload it to the Trail Guide.

It’s easy, and benefits *so many.* Please share your knowledge!

Until next time…..

 Remember….what can ADS do for you?

Answer: a LOT……but not without your continued, and appreciated, support!

ADS…where would the sport of carriage driving be in this country without it?

Something to think about….

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