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This program is intended to recognize, encourage and inspire drivers in ADS Combined Driving Events in the Preliminary and Intermediate Divisions. The program is designed to enable these drivers to measure themselves against others at the same level of proficiency, acknowledging that it is not practical for them to meet to compete head-to-head because of the size of our country.

Scores from any ADS-recognized CDE occurring after this year’s annual meeting can be used (see explanation below); the cut-off date for scores that count for the first Championship is the last Friday in August.


There will be a Champion and Reserve Champion for Preliminary & Intermediate classes as set forth herein:Single Horse, Single Pony, Single VSEPair Horse, Pair Pony, Pair VSE
Four-in-Hand Horse, Four-in-Hand Pony, Four-in-Hand VSE
Tandem Horse, Tandem Pony, Tandem VSE
Should a tie in scores occur, placings will be decided by:

Dressage scores
Obstacle / Cones
If all those are equal, a coin toss will determine placings.

Driver and class determine a competitor’s placing.
Awards are to be given at the ADS Annual Meeting.


Competitor must be an ADS member in good standing all during the time between the competitions and the awards.Competitor must be qualified to compete at this level, as set forth in the ADS rulebook, Article 916.16


The lowest two total-penalty scores will be used for each competitor. Marathon scores will be adjusted for qualifying events with fewer than six (for Preliminary) or seven (for Intermediate) obstacles; that is, the competitor’s time in the obstacles will be normalized to equate to six/seven obstacles (respectively) using that competitor’s average obstacle time.

Scores used are from the competition year from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting.  Cut-off date for scores will be the last day of August.

Eligible scores are from any ADS-recognized Preliminary/Intermediate (respectively) CDE  (but not DTs or ATs). Competitor must complete (as noted in Article 916) the full CDE.
It is not required that each qualifying driver use the same turnout throughout the season.


All ADS-recognized CDEs are eligible and should therefore give recognition to the awards.
It is intended that space be devoted in the Omnibus to promote this program.
Scores shall be deemed unofficial until the end of the competition year, at which time scores will be separately verified.

The ADS Calculated Championships are generously sponsored by Dave and Esther R. "Boots" Wright.