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ADS Covid-19 Action Plan

Published on 6/9/2020

ADS Covid-19 Action Plan
The ADS Executive Committee along with an Ad-Hoc Committee it appointed, comprised of the Technical Committee Chairs (Pleasure Driving, Combined Driving, Dressage, and Event Standards) have been working hard to develop a statement about Covid-19 compliance and recognition of ADS competitions.

The situation with regard to Covid-19 awareness,  management and mitigation changes every single day. All of us who have worked on this matter of behalf of the ADS are deeply devoted to the sport of driving and would like nothing more than to be able to return to a normal competition environment. Our Executive Committee and the 4 technical committees will continue to monitor changes daily and as soon as a consensus emerges in support of reduced distancing that would allow for more than one person on a carriage will implement that change joyfully.

June 9, 2020

Dear ADS Members and Organizers,

We have received many concerned comments from the membership and we continue to evaluate and update this Action Plan while considering member feedback, changing conditions, and industry standards.

We are pleased to inform you that the prohibition against more than one person on a carriage has been deleted from our Covid-19 Protocol. We do expect masks to be worn even when they are not worn in private settings.

9.14.20 ADS Covid-19 Action Plan