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ADS Member Comment Period for 2022 Rulebook is LIVE until Sept 1, 2021

Abbie Trexler | Published on 8/2/2021

August 2, 2021

Dear ADS Members,

It’s time again for our annual Member Comment Period on the Rule Change Proposals for the 2022 Rulebook. All ADS Members are automatically added to this Forum (You may opt out of this Forum Membership in your Member Profile at the top right of your screen when you're logged into the ADS website). As you probably know, the ADS updates and republishes the Rulebook annually. This allows for members to submit their suggested changes to the Rulebook, and those changes are considered by the technical committees and may be moved forward as Rule Change Proposals. Those proposals are then put up for a 30-day member comment period. Since this year the RCPs are being posted on August 2, the comment period will close on September 1.

The ADS is made up of and run by its members. We count on our members to send in Rule Change Suggestions each year in order to help keep the Rulebook current. Although the first two RCPs here were sent in by the Pleasure Driving Committee, the rest were suggested by individual members, such as yourself.

Please take the time to read this year’s thirteen Rule Change Proposals. Click on Forums, then “ADS Forum-RCP Member Comments” (you need to be logged into the website. You can also reach Forums by clicking on ‘I Am A Member’ and then scrolling down the menu to ‘Forums’). The compiled RCPs are posted as a PDF, then each RCP has its own unique comment thread. Your comments will be visible to all ADS members. The ADS Board of Directors, who consider and vote on these RCPs, count on your comments to help them make their choice as to whether to vote in favor of or against an RCP.

It is important to note that only comments posted in the forum, or emailed to, will be recorded and distributed to the ADS Board of Directors for careful consideration prior to their vote in October. Posts made on social media are not recorded or distributed to the Board.

Thank you in advance for participating in this ADS Member Comment Period.

*There are several different Forums that you may opt into; General Driving Discussions, Recreational Driving, Pleasure Driving, and Combined Driving. Set up your Forum Membershipsunder your member profile in the top right corner of the website (you must be logged in).