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Member Comment Period for 2023 Rulebook Is Live

Abbie Trexler | Published on 7/1/2022
July 1, 2022 

Dear ADS Members,
The Rule Change Proposals (RCP) for the 2023 Rulebook are now available for member comment until July 30. Members have 30 days to carefully review the proposals and submit their comments on each RCP. Once the comment period has been closed, all comments are compiled and distributed to the Board of Directors for consideration. This is valuable information that helps shape how the Directors vote at the Board Meeting.
Members can submit their comments in two different ways. The first and most interactive option is by using the Forum. Simply visit, click on "Member Login", then "Forums". Select the Forum titled 2023 Rulebook RCP Member Comments. Each RCP has its own thread. Click on the thread, review the RCP, and then click "Reply" to leave your comment. 
The alternative option is to submit comments to You must include your name and member number to have your comment recorded. Comments submitted via email will be added to the forum (though not immediately) and to the compilation.

Click HERE to view the 2023 Rulebook RCPs for Member Comment