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In Memoriam, Jack Pemberton

Published on 8/17/2022
In Memoriam: Jack Pemberton

We at the ADS are very sorry to report the passing of Jack Pemberton. ADS Honorary Director and past President Natasha Grigg reports, "Pemberton was a towering, influential and incredibly sympathetic presence in the formative days of combined driving and subsequently during its heyday in the United States. I feel honored to have been a friend and enjoyed his guidance and humor in all the years that I was active in the ADS and afterwards."
From his family: "Yesterday dad passed peacefully surrounded by family and Elizabeth - and in fine form, a few days ago he asked - no, told us, via his trusty pad and paper - to bring Choicelea Farm fresh fruit to the office. As always, his wish is our command.
As he did not want a funeral, we are planning to have a celebration of life next spring at Choicelea."

Jack joined his Father, Chris Pemberton, in the business following his service as a reconnaissance pilot in the British Airforce. At that time Pemberton was only in the "Fats & Oils" business. When Jack returned to Canada after the war, he joined his Father in the business. Jack's significant contribution was to introduce the promotion and selling of equipment to the Meat & Poultry Processing sector of the food business throughout Canada. Before the advent of commercial airline flights Jack would travel by train to communities across the Country with a suitcase full of clothing......and sandwiches to eat which were prepared by his mother so he wouldn't starve. Also - to save money - Jack would stay overnight at Customers' homes where there were many happy nights drinking Scotch Whiskey and sharing stories!

Jack became very interested in Carriage Driving which took him to many, many countries around the world where he met, competed against and became friends with some very influential people in society including Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.