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Update to NA Champ Criteria

Abbie Trexler | Published on 3/30/2023

Update to North American Championship Qualifying Criteria


The ADS Executive Committee voted to update the Competitor Criteria for the North American Championships. This change is intended to remove undue hardship on ADS Members who reside in Canada for whom the previous criteria may have created a roadblock to competing in the annual North American Championships. The updated criterion permits one USEF-Sanctioned Event to be used as a qualifying event. 


Item 3 in the Criteria has been changed to:


Athletes must have successfully completed* a minimum of three ADS-Recognized CDEs or DTs in the Preliminary (Intermediate) division in their lifetime. Completions at DTs above Preliminary (Intermediate) will also be recognized for qualification. In lieu of the minimum ADS-Recognized Events outlined above, two of the three qualifying events may be Equestrian Canada or Canadian Provincial Federation-Sanctioned, or one of the three qualifying events may be USEF-Sanctioned. At least one of the three qualifying events must be ADS Recognized.


Please join us for the 2023 North American Championships:



October 5-8, 2023 - CA Fall Classic CDE and CT and ADS Preliminary North American Championships at Clay Station Horse Park, Wilton, CA



November 2-5, 2023 - Windsor Trace CDE & CT and ADS Intermediate North American Championships at Greenfields, Windsor, SC

For more information on the North American Championships, click HERE.